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The Demise of Big Dog

By now most of you know that  Big Dog has shut its doors.  Not much we can say beyond what the various blogs and forums have said already.  One thing we’d like to point out is that they are not honoring their warranties.  In their press release they clearly state that there are no warranties.

What that means is you can boost your Big Dog’s performance without fear of voiding your warranty, because you don’t have one.  If you want to get a big bump in HP and torque while improving your mileage you can now install our Pegasus Fuel Injection system.  Please go to our web site at for more information.

And if you don’t believe us, here are some comments we’ve taken from the Big Dog online forum with the permission of their author Jerry Leonard.

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my PFI system. The Pegasus Fuel Injection works great, two years now and its just awesome. You get a new high performance ignition and fuel injection all in one that you can totally adjust with a laptop or palm. No more jetting and can be set at any RPM or throttle position. Smooth and much more power than a carb not to mention starting better and gas millage. If you are looking for a good alternative check it out.

I am running the PFI unit on my K9 2007, it works great and the support is the best I have ever had on any product. These guys really want you to be satisfied and go to extra lengths to make it happen. It gave my bike about 12 horsepower over my XXX carb. That is dyno proven not guess work. I have modified my bike a lot though, but the FI unit in the end was the icing on the cake. I would do it again with out a question, and I have no regrets at all. Much better acceleration and throttle response you have 256 jets vs 3 in the carb. Not a bad deal you get a new air cleaner, new high performance ignition, and the FI unit. I have not had the first spit back or cough or cut out.

This is a picture of our unit mounted on Jerry’s bike.


Here is our unit mounted on a 2005 Big Dog.


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More on Mil on American Pickers

Mil has had a great response to his appearance on American Pickers last Monday, hearing from lots of old friends.  As you can see from the ratings table below, this episode was the fourth most watched cable show of the week.  Thanks to everyone who tuned in.

Rank Program Network Rating Viewers (000)
1 JERSEY SHORE 2B MTV 4.8 7,608
2 PAWN STARS HIST 3.8 6,449
2 PAWN STARS HIST 3.8 6,261
6 ARMY WIVES LIF 3.1 4,794
10 TEEN MOM II MTV 2.8 4,393
10 SPONGEBOB NICK 2.8 4,548

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California Dreamin’

Mike and Frank from the History Channel’s American Pickers came to Mil’s house last November to look through his motorcycle memorabilia and hear his stories of the early days at Easyriders.  They came away with a rare Vincent motor and a jacket given to Mil by Evel Knievel.

It was the most watched American Pickers episode ever with over a million people tuning  in to see Mil and some of his hand built motorcycles.

Click below to go to the full episode on the History Channel’s web site.

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Pegasus versus a Carburetor; a Cost Comparison

Here’s a question we get occasionally:

“I can get a really good carb for 600 hundred dollars, why should I pay three times that for your fuel injection kit?”

We know that our Pegasus EFI Kit is better than a carburetor in every way: more power, better mileage, easier starts.  But riders still ask about the price.

Our answer is that our system is a lot more than a replacement for your carburetor.  It includes an ignition system, so there’s no need to buy a separate ignition kit.  It also comes with a complete performance air cleaner assembly, including filter, high pressure fuel pump, and performance coil.  We have done the research and testing to make sure that these components work together to deliver the best ride possible.

Here is a table of a typical collection of parts that you would need to buy to create the fuel management and ignition system to run your bike.   All these and more are part of the Pegasus kit.   We don’t pretend that our system is not more expensive, but what you get are the clear advantages of fuel injection for less than $600 more.

Source Price
Fuel Management Mikuni Carburetor HSR 48 588
Electronic Ignition Dyna  M200i Module 399
Coil included in the Dyna kit
Coil Wires Thundervolt 54
Fuel Filter Pingle 35
Fuel Petcock Pingle 71
Air Cleaner,filter S&S 219



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Top 100 Motorcycle Blogs

We just heard that Operations Management News has put our blog on their list of Top 100 Motorcycle blogs. It’s a great list with a lot of different blogs that cover every aspect of the motorcycle industry. Our blog is number 70.

Check them out here:

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4th straight quarter of growth for Harley in Europe

American Motorcycle Dealer is reporting the following good news for Harley:

Harley announces fourth straight quarter of sales growth in Europe

It is no secret that throughout the downturn the European market has been becoming increasingly important for American businesses in the custom motorcycle industry.

While there has been decline in the European motorcycle market, most markets in Europe haven’t suffered as badly as has been the case in the United States.

In the case of Harley-Davidson, while the company has been able to buck the trend in domestic US market share terms, performing ahead of market decline, in Europe the company has now been able to confirm that the third quarter of 2010 marks a fourth straight quarter of sales as well as market share growth.

Speaking at the European unveiling of the 2011 model line-up at the Intermot Expo, Cologne, Germany, Harley-Davidson Europe Managing Director Rob Lindley said that “in the 651cc plus market, where we measure our performance, Harley-Davidson has been one of the few manufacturers to see sales grow in Europe during the past twelve months, and with conclusion of our third quarter of this year we can confirm a full year of sales growth across our European markets. In fact, we have grown sales in each of the last four Quarters.”

In market share terms, Harley is now the number one manufacturer in countries such as SwitzerlandLuxembourgPoland, the Czech Republicand Norway, and second in markets such as Germany, the Netherlands,Finland and Sweden.

Asked what he put this down to Lindley cited several factors, “clearly the strength of the Yen has hit Japanese manufacturers hard in the past couple of years, and with traffic and legislative issues stimulating a general trend towards the custom and cruiser sectors and away from sports bikes. We have also introduced a number of strong and relevant new bikes for Europe, I think Harley is in a ‘good place’ at this time in Europe.

“However, I think one of the most interesting trends that everybody is now beginning to see is that there is a general trend among the riding public to look for premium brands and a more fully formed riding experience. ”As such it is clear that Harley-Davidson’s brand values speak to increasing numbers of motorcycle buyers as their own riding experience demands develop. Not only are we seeing sales and market share in Europe grow, but the ‘Dreamer Pool’, as we call it, of those considering the Harley-Davidson brand is also increasing.

“As our CEO Keith Wandell has said many times, focusing on core brand values will return the company as a whole to growth once economic conditions permit, and as one of the most personal and emotionally connected of motorcycle brands we are certain that the European experience can be replicated elsewhere.” Lindley went on to say that new initiatives this quarter will see Harley establish new sales offices and add to its dealer network in markets such as Greece, the Middle East, Russia and Africa.

In demographic terms, he reported that while the average age of Harley buyers remains pretty typical of where the bulk of heavyweight motorcycle buyers to be found, at around 44 years of age (and slightly younger in Europe than is the case in the United States), any suggestion that the excitement that the Harley ownership experience offers has peaked is conclusively answered by the “extraordinarily high and growing percentage of our customers who are still coming to the brand for the first time.”

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Mil’s New Bobber

When Mil looks around his shop and realizes enough parts have accumulated he knows it’s time to build another bike.  This time he had a 1973 93 in Shovelhead and a Kraft/Tech frame that he turned into a very basic burnt orange Bobber. In this first picture you can see that most of the assembly is complete but the wiring is waiting to be done.  The BDL primary belt drive is visible prior to Mil putting on the housing.


Here is the finished bike.  You can see that it has a very minimalist look that features the power plant.


Here is a closeup shot of the Pegasus Fuel Injection system with a Paughco air cleaner setup.  Although we sell out own air cleaner it is a relatively simple matter to fashion an adapter and put on a cleaner you prefer.


Here is a view from the back.


On the other side of the bike you can see the high impedance coil mounted on our custom coil and fuel pump bracket.  The bracket mounts across the two cylinders and provides a simple solution for what to do with the fuel pump.  Although it is a little difficult to see here, the pump is mounted inside the bracket.


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Jorgen Karlsson Gets Even More Horsepower from the Pegasus EFI System

We got a new dyno run image from Jorgen Karlsson who previously sent us  a dyno run where he got 135 HP from his 100 in S&S.  He has tweaked it using the Pegasus software and gotten 5 more horsepower and is now a little over 140.  You should also notice how smooth the horsepower curve is.  As he notes, the torque is in Nm not ft lbs.

Here is his email and dyno run:
Hi again, here is the latest dyno result from may 11  this summer. I think I havent sent you this one.
(S&S 100″ Sportster with ported heads and home made Burns calculated exhaust, PFI Pegasus with 3″ K&N- Air Filter).
I still havent made a Dyno-film for YT, but I will. I plan to do that later this summer when I have received my new Axtell custom made ductile iron cylinders. Not happy with the S&S Cylinders.
The torque is in Nm.

dyno 140 small hp

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Jorgen Karlsson Picks Up 10 Hp on his Sportster with Pegasus Fuel Injection

We’ve been asked a number of times “Can I expect an increase in horsepower when I switch from my carburetor to  your EFI kit and how much?”  Well, we have a really good example of the kind of increase you might see from Jorgen Karlsson from Sweden.  In this first Dynorun after installing the Pegasus system he picked up 10 rear wheel horsepower.  Here is his description of the changes he made to the 100 in S&S motor he has on his Sportster:

In this run the engine is still quite stock (S&S 100″ sportster engine, S&S 600 Cams), just slighty ported heads and improved valve seat angles, custom made 2:2 megaphone exhaust (burns design, fabricated by me, lambda sensor weld bungs in each header) . Custom made fuel and ignition map.

You can see in the info text (below the dyno run graph) i gained about 10 rwhp when changing to the Pegasus Fuel Injection system. The biggest power contributions came from the PFI possibility to give each cylinder different amount of fuel and the feature to create a custom made ignition map.  Just by reducing the advance to 30 degree (compared to the Dyna 2000i which terminates at 35 degrees) several horsepower was gained on this 4″X4″ engine.

The drop of power at 6300 rpm came from weakened S&S valve springs. They are now changed to Comp Cams springs.The drop of power at 6300 rpm came from weakened S&S valve springs. They are now changed to Comp Cams springs.

You can see in the Dyno run below that Jorgen got 136 HP out of his 100 in S&S engine with our electronic fuel injection system.  Note that part of his increase in horse power comes from the fact that you can control the ignition characteristics as well as the fuel management with our software

In our next post we’ll show his subsequent dyno run where he bumps the power up even further..

At the bottom of this post is his video of the bike on the dyno and some on the street, although these are older clips of the bike when it was carbureted.

dyno 080702 ftlbs small

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German Video of New Knievel Commemorative Bobber

You may not want to use this bike to jump over the Snake River, but you can ride with Evel’s distinctive colors on this Knievel custom production bike.  This is a video of one of Knievel Motorcycles’ new bikes made by one of their European dealers.  It features an 80 in Harley-Davidson EVO engine and the Pegasus Fuel Injection system.  You can see at the start of the clip how they have replaced our standard breather cover with their own Knievel logo cover.

For more information about this and other Knievel bikes go here: Knievel Motorcycles

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