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Customer Fuel Injects His 22 Year Old Sportster

Steve from Maryland, a new customer of ours, was nice enough to send us the following note with some pictures of our Pegasus kit mounted on his Sportster.  Steve installed the kit himself and you can see in the bottom picture how clean the kit looks behind our air cleaner.

Hello Mil. These are some pictures of the install on a 92 Sportster that we
did here in sunny Maryland. I mounted the fuel pump on the front of the
frame and it worked out perfectly for the filter and line length. This unit
looks almost like it came from the factory. The build quality of the unit is
second to none, very precise using top grade materials. I had a problem with
the idle  and traced it back to bent flanges on the intake manifold. Once
replaced I could tell the difference because the rich/lean knob responded
now and I placed a call to Mil to give me a fine tune over the phone. You
will not find better tech support on a product, very impressed.

Although I was trying to make up an excuse to fly to Malibu!.

The bike runs great, better than new now thanks to Pegasus and Mil.

Thanks guys and use what you like on your site.


Here is a shot of the throttle body with the electronic control unit mounted on
top. There is no big wiring harness to find a place for.



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