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What is an EFI Turnkey Carburetor Replacement Kit for VTwins?

We often run into confusion in the VTwin market about what a turnkey carburetor replacement kit is.  We think this is because there are a number of EFI modules on the market that either replace the ECU module or enhance the module on already fuel-injected Harleys.  These modules, made by people like ThunderMax, Dynojet, and Daytona Twin Tec, are sometimes seen as the only EFI systems out there.

A turnkey, carb replacement kit that actually upgrades your bike to electronic fuel injection is very different from these kits.   A turnkey system like the Pegasus is designed for a carbureted bike and contains a lot more parts and capabilities than an ECU replacement or piggyback.  The carburetor is replaced by a throttle body that contains the butterfly.  In the Pegasus system the fuel injectors are also in the throttle body so that you don’t need to replace the manifold.  Our kit also contains a high pressure fuel pump, petcock, fuel filter, and all the fuel lines you’ll need.

Besides fuel, you also need to control ignition so we provide a special coil, coil wires, a cam or crank position sensor, and a proprietary timing wheel.

Pegasus Unit

This picture shows a mounted Pegasus unit before the air cleaner is installed.  You can see the ECU on top of the throttle body, which eliminates the need for a big, long wiring harness.  And unlike a carburetor, our system comes with software that you run from your laptop to control almost every aspect of your system’s performance.  For more information, go to .

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