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Seven Ways That EFI Is Better Than Carburetion

Riders often ask us why they should switch from the trusty carburetors on their older Harleys and Harley clone custom bikes.  Builders ask us the same thing about putting a fuel injection system on their customers’ bikes instead of a carburetor.

We think the advantages of fuel injection (especially ours) far outweigh the perceived advantages of a carburetor.  Sure, a carburetor is simple but that simplicity comes with a price.  Well be expanding on the advantages of fuel injection for your Harley in future posts, but here are seven to think about.

  1. Better starts.
  2. More horsepower and torque.
  3. Cooler running, longer engine life
  4. More responsive when you pull the throttle.
  5. Better in more driving conditions
  6. Better gas mileage.
  7. Much easier to adjust the air/fuel ratio after you’ve changed your cam or exhaust system.

With our Pegasus system you can retrofit your bike with EFI in an afternoon.  If you have an S&S Super G Manifold you don’t need a new one and we load the fuel maps for the engine type you have.  If you want to tinker with them you can but you don’t have to.

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PFI kit tb_air only 011(2)
Pegasus Throttle Body with Air Cleaner (ECU Is on

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