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Lauge Jensen Offers Euro 3 Compliant Engine, EFI, and Exhaust Kit

We mentioned in our October 23rd post that Lauge Jensen has unveiled a 3 part kit available to bike builders that is compliant with the tough Euro 3 emissions rules.  We thought this deserved a longer post describing the kit’s components and what advantage it has for small and medium sized builders who would like to sell into the European and Asian markets.

The kit has 3 parts: engine, fuel management system, and exhaust/cat system.  The engine is a Midwest Ultima 107.  The fuel management system is our Pegasus EFI kit with and the catalytic converter is  specially designed for Lauge Jensen.  Together they make up a power plant that is Euro 3 certified but that still delivers the torque and horsepower that Harley riders expect.

It’s important to remember that to obtain Euro3 certification, you have to certify all three components together.  That means that you cannot claim that your engine or EFI system or your exhaust pipes are compliant separately.  Only the whole package can gain certification.  This is what Lauge Jensen is offering to builders.

Getting certification is not easy.  The levels of allowable hydrocarbons and NO2 are much lower than the EPA allows and even lower than California’s standards.  One particular difficulty with the tests that, as you lower CO and hydrocarbons by leaning out the mixture, the NO2 rises.  It is very difficult to find the exact right AFR, ignition timing, and exhaust characteristics to pass the test.

After many months of work, Lauge Jensen and PerformanceFI were able to pass the test, and you can now buy the kit form them.  Please go to:

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