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Mil’s “Tex” Bike at Steel Ponies Exhibit

When he was 11 Mil Blair saw this cover of the Saturday Evening Post.  Like the boys in the picture, Mil fell in love with the bike, which was an actual motorcycle built by Tex Keeler, a Connecticut bike builder.  In 1988 Mil decided to build a replica of the bike that had been in his mind all those years, with the idea that he would make it exactly like the bike in the painting.  It took him six months (and a plea to the California DMV to give him plate 8898–normally they don’t give 4 digit plates) but he had finally built the bike that matched Tex Keeler’s down to the last detail.

Sat Even Post Cover

Over the years, Mil has occasionally brought “Tex” out , usually just long enough to win competitions in the Los Angeles area, but for a long while it has been in his garage where only his friends and visitors have seen it.


The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art was putting together their exhibit on American motorcycles and was told of this legendary bike.  They asked  if he would be willing to send Tex to them and he agreed.


You can see Tex and twenty other unique custom builds that represent the art of American motorcycle building if you visit the museum in Indianapolis before August 5th or go to their web site:

For a complete set of pictures try:,0,4436996.photogallery

There you’ll see shots of Tex (Pictures 27-29) and a couple of other iconic bikes Mil had a hand in: the Easyriders Captain America bike (17-21) and the “Dragon Bike” (22-23) Peter Fonda road in Wild Angels.

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