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Knievel Custom Cycles LLC Adds 2 New Models to European Line-up — European Dealers Wanted

First U.S. motorcycle company to offer custom motorcycles with Whole Vehicle Type Approval from all 27 European Communities


GREENVILLE, Pa., March 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Knievel Custom Cycles LLC today announced that it has received the European Communities Whole Vehicle Type Approval on two new motorcycle models, the Patriot Pro-Street and the Patriot Chopper. This increases the Knievel Cycles European Approved line to 5 base models. To secure these certifications, Knievel Cycles had to meet or exceed European Union 03 emission standards, as well as meet 26 separate vehicle quality, safety, and emissions directives.

In late 2010 Knievel Cycles introduced its first three bikes with European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval certification, the Evel One Springer Bobber, the Evel Commemorative Softail Bobber, and Evel Commemorative Rigid Bobber. The latest additions to the Knievel line-up are known as “Fat Tire” customs utilizing a 300mm wide rear tire that gives these motorcycles the totally American Custom look and style. The Vehicle Type Approval for these “Fat Tire” customs places Knievel Cycles in the position as the only US manufacturer approved to offer Fat Tire Motorcycles for sale in all 27 member communities of the European Union.

Greg Zappala, President of Knievel Cycles, stated, “With the addition of our newly approved models, and soon to be released Cafe Racer, we believe we can offer European dealers the full spectrum of bikes needed to satisfy the demand of the American Motorcycle Enthusiast in Europe. Currently, we provide product to Absolut Cycles in Paris, France ( and we are actively seeking new partners throughout all of Europe to expand our product network. I would like to invite any European dealers that are serious about handling the highest quality American motorcycles to contact us at 1-724-588-7040 or via”

Not mentioned in the press release (but we will) is that the bikes passed the Euro 3 emissions regs with our Pegasus fuel management system.  Anyone building production customs and thinking of selling them in Europe or Asia will need fuel injection and ours is proven and a solution to meeting the Euro 3 numbers.

For additional information on Knievel Cycles visit, our web page at or our Facebook page at

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