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New History of Motorcycle Drag Racing

Gardiner-MotorcycleDragRacing Cover

Hot rodders in southern California have been drag racing motorcycles since the 50’s, testing their technical skills and driving abilities against each other in a search for speed.  John Stein has now written a book chronicling this saga of gearheads pushing two wheels down a quarter mile as fast as they can.   From street challenges to track racing with top fuel, John has captured the stories and people that have made motorcycle drag racing the colorful attraction it has become.

How did John come to write the history of motorcycle drag racing?  Here is his story:

“After I finished writing World’s Fastest Motorcycle in 2007 about the streamliners of Bonneville, famed fabricator Sandy Kosman suggested I do something similar on motorcycle drag racing,” said John Stein. “I did,” said the author, “and it took nearly four years of work.

In order to gather the necessary information, Stein spoke with many of the most important people in the history of the sport. One of the people he spoke with at length was the co-inventor of our Pegasus Fuel Injection System, Mil Blair.

“Back in the Sixties, Mil and partner Joe Teresi campaigned a very quick Harley-Davidson,” said Stein. “Following that, they raced one of the most famous V-8 engine machines. While most of them used a Chevrolet, Italiano was unique for using a 215 cubic-inch aluminum Buick they had purchased from Mickey Thompson.” A photo of Blair, Teresi and the machine is in the book (below), as is a shot of the 294 mph, record holding streamliner the pair campaigned at Bonneville through their Jammer Cycle company.
Mil and Joe Italiano

Joe Teresi and Mil Blair Working on "Italiano"in 1964

With a weight of nearly four pounds, the book has 250 pages and more than 200 photographs. It is available for $40 (with free shipping) from or by calling (310) 459-7542.

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