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Report from a Happy Customer

Steve V, who converted his shovelhead to our Pegasus EFI system a couple of years ago recently sent us this email:

I dont know if you guys remember me but i had to drop you guys a letter to tell you that the injection equipment that i put on my shovelhead two years ago has made such a difference in how that old girl runs that i had to tell someone. i just returned from a trip to the bay area to visit family and spent a week roaming san fran. with my daughter doing the navigating. i tell you what that system worked bitchen the power is outragious the mileage ran consistent 57 mpg one up or two didnt seem to matter. guess i going to hang on to the bike a while longer it runs to good to get rid of now.

We knew that our kit delivers great gas mileage but it’s always nice to hear it from an actual  Harley rider.  For comparison, check out some of the numbers in this recent compilation of motorcycle mileage numbers.  We beat any Harley, any year both carbed or fuel injected.

For more info about our fuel injection system go to

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