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Pegasus versus a Carburetor; a Cost Comparison

Here’s a question we get occasionally:

“I can get a really good carb for 600 hundred dollars, why should I pay three times that for your fuel injection kit?”

We know that our Pegasus EFI Kit is better than a carburetor in every way: more power, better mileage, easier starts.  But riders still ask about the price.

Our answer is that our system is a lot more than a replacement for your carburetor.  It includes an ignition system, so there’s no need to buy a separate ignition kit.  It also comes with a complete performance air cleaner assembly, including filter, high pressure fuel pump, and performance coil.  We have done the research and testing to make sure that these components work together to deliver the best ride possible.

Here is a table of a typical collection of parts that you would need to buy to create the fuel management and ignition system to run your bike.   All these and more are part of the Pegasus kit.   We don’t pretend that our system is not more expensive, but what you get are the clear advantages of fuel injection for less than $600 more.

Source Price
Fuel Management Mikuni Carburetor HSR 48 588
Electronic Ignition Dyna  M200i Module 399
Coil included in the Dyna kit
Coil Wires Thundervolt 54
Fuel Filter Pingle 35
Fuel Petcock Pingle 71
Air Cleaner,filter S&S 219



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