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Mil’s New Bobber

When Mil looks around his shop and realizes enough parts have accumulated he knows it’s time to build another bike.  This time he had a 1973 93 in Shovelhead and a Kraft/Tech frame that he turned into a very basic burnt orange Bobber. In this first picture you can see that most of the assembly is complete but the wiring is waiting to be done.  The BDL primary belt drive is visible prior to Mil putting on the housing.


Here is the finished bike.  You can see that it has a very minimalist look that features the power plant.


Here is a closeup shot of the Pegasus Fuel Injection system with a Paughco air cleaner setup.  Although we sell out own air cleaner it is a relatively simple matter to fashion an adapter and put on a cleaner you prefer.


Here is a view from the back.


On the other side of the bike you can see the high impedance coil mounted on our custom coil and fuel pump bracket.  The bracket mounts across the two cylinders and provides a simple solution for what to do with the fuel pump.  Although it is a little difficult to see here, the pump is mounted inside the bracket.


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