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Jorgen Karlsson Gets Even More Horsepower from the Pegasus EFI System

We got a new dyno run image from Jorgen Karlsson who previously sent us  a dyno run where he got 135 HP from his 100 in S&S.  He has tweaked it using the Pegasus software and gotten 5 more horsepower and is now a little over 140.  You should also notice how smooth the horsepower curve is.  As he notes, the torque is in Nm not ft lbs.

Here is his email and dyno run:
Hi again, here is the latest dyno result from may 11  this summer. I think I havent sent you this one.
(S&S 100″ Sportster with ported heads and home made Burns calculated exhaust, PFI Pegasus with 3″ K&N- Air Filter).
I still havent made a Dyno-film for YT, but I will. I plan to do that later this summer when I have received my new Axtell custom made ductile iron cylinders. Not happy with the S&S Cylinders.
The torque is in Nm.

dyno 140 small hp

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