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Jorgen Karlsson Picks Up 10 Hp on his Sportster with Pegasus Fuel Injection

We’ve been asked a number of times “Can I expect an increase in horsepower when I switch from my carburetor to  your EFI kit and how much?”  Well, we have a really good example of the kind of increase you might see from Jorgen Karlsson from Sweden.  In this first Dynorun after installing the Pegasus system he picked up 10 rear wheel horsepower.  Here is his description of the changes he made to the 100 in S&S motor he has on his Sportster:

In this run the engine is still quite stock (S&S 100″ sportster engine, S&S 600 Cams), just slighty ported heads and improved valve seat angles, custom made 2:2 megaphone exhaust (burns design, fabricated by me, lambda sensor weld bungs in each header) . Custom made fuel and ignition map.

You can see in the info text (below the dyno run graph) i gained about 10 rwhp when changing to the Pegasus Fuel Injection system. The biggest power contributions came from the PFI possibility to give each cylinder different amount of fuel and the feature to create a custom made ignition map.  Just by reducing the advance to 30 degree (compared to the Dyna 2000i which terminates at 35 degrees) several horsepower was gained on this 4″X4″ engine.

The drop of power at 6300 rpm came from weakened S&S valve springs. They are now changed to Comp Cams springs.The drop of power at 6300 rpm came from weakened S&S valve springs. They are now changed to Comp Cams springs.

You can see in the Dyno run below that Jorgen got 136 HP out of his 100 in S&S engine with our electronic fuel injection system.  Note that part of his increase in horse power comes from the fact that you can control the ignition characteristics as well as the fuel management with our software

In our next post we’ll show his subsequent dyno run where he bumps the power up even further..

At the bottom of this post is his video of the bike on the dyno and some on the street, although these are older clips of the bike when it was carbureted.

dyno 080702 ftlbs small

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