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What EFI Can Do for OEM Builders

We are always looking for agreements to provide our Pegasus fuel injection system to OEM motorcycle builders.  The definition of OEM is a little fluid, but we typically think of them as companies making 100 or more bikes a year, usually as “production customs” that can be produced with a number of options, from engine type to handle bars and forward controls.

Besides giving the OEM a fuel management option beyond carburetion, we also offer  the ability to work with them on their engine and exhaust system  of choice in order to get them Euro 3 compliant.  The advantage here is clear: bike makers are now able to sell in markets in Europe and Asia that were closed to them before.

We sell the only bolt-on EFI system on the market that can do this and we have done it twice.  We have proprietary software and hardware that makes this possible and 2 years of experience in dealing with Euro 3 and TUV regulations.  Our clients have TUV certifications, and. almost as important, the bikes still have the power and response that VTwin riders expect.

For more information please go to the page on our web site that we have set up for OEM’s :

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