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Initial Blog

High Tech VTwin is the official blog of PerformanceFI. We are a subsidiary of American Mechatronics, Inc. and it is our mission to bring professional automotive engineering to the Harley VTwin aftermarket. If you link over to our web site at you will see that our premier product is the award winning Pegasus Fuel Injection system, especially designed for older Harleys and Harley clone engines as a carburetor replacement kit. It is the only complete kit on the market that allows you to remove your carburetor and replace everything that needs replacing.

What makes it high tech? It has a brain that controls the fuel injection and ignition, giving you complete control of all your bike’s performance characteristics. The “brain” is a specialized computer chip that reads the sensors that monitor the engine’s cam position, throttle position, and oxygen output.  Using this input, it makes decisions about how much gas your engine needs or adjusts the spark timing.  What you get from this control is more torque and horsepower, way better mileage, and a cleaner running engine.

Even more impressive, this is a brain you can talk to. Running our PFI Comm software on your laptop, you can connect to the brain through a serial connector and alter the fuel maps and timing for every road condition.

We hope you’ll drop by regularly as we update with blogs about fuel injection, emissions regulations, product introductions, etc.  and everything we come across that relates to bringing high tech options to the Harley aftermarket.

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