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Lauge Jensen Introduces New Line of Custom Bikes With Pegasus Fuel Injection

Lauge Jensen Custom Bike With Pegasus System

Lauge Jensen Custom Bike With Pegasus System

Lauge Jensen of Denmark, a custom motorcycle manufacturer, has just introduced a new line of high end, TUV approved bikes that are powered by a 107 cubic inch engine controlled by our Pegasus EFI system.  This is a specially designed fuel injection system that we developed together specifically to meet the Euro 3 emissions regulations.

Uffe Lauge Jensen, the man with the vision behind these motorcycles, is also marketing the power plant to other bike builders who are looking to build and sell VTwin bikes in the European market.   The three part kit–engine, fuel management system, and catalytic converter–can be purchased as a complete solution for complying with the Euro 3 regulations.

In the picture above you can see our air cleaner with the throttle body just behind it.  For lots more pictures and details about the Lauge Jensen line of motorcycles, please follow the link below.

For details about our Pegasus system go to .

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