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Making EFI Look Good on a Custom Bike

It’s really not enough to deliver superior performance with electronic fuel injection when you’re trying to convince custom builders to ditch the carburetors and switch to a better fuel management system.  The kit, when installed, should also look good.  The last thing you want is a mess of wires, connectors, and cast iron visible behind a sharp looking air cleaner.

Typical of many of the EFI systems you get today is the one below.  It’s an ugly collection of wires, etc. that ruins the look of the bike.  Contrast that with the clean look of the Pegasus system under neath this picture.  All you see is the throttle cable.  The injectors are below the throttle body and the small wiring harness is easily hidden out of site.

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A Delphi Replacement System

Closeup of the Pegasus System

Closeup of the Pegasus System

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