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What Bolt-on EFI Can Do for Custom Builders

There’s no question that it’s a tough market for American custom motorcycle builders.  Domestic demand is down from the peak a few years ago, and most small builders can’t take advantage of the  Euro 3 certified systems that we can provide because they still face the expense of the TUV approval.  But there is still an advantage for small builders offering fuel injection to their customers.

Electronic fuel injection will make your bikes stand out from the competition. EFI is rarely seen on a custom bobber or chopper.  Our Pegasus kit allows you to build bikes with a performance system that delivers better throttle response, torque, and horsepower than a carburetor, so your bikes will attract the typical custom buyer who is looking for performance as well as a great looking bike.

The kit will work with virtually any motor that you are installing on your custom builds, and it’s not just functional. Its clean lines, few wires and aluminum billet throttle body look good with any custom.  You can also easily make an adapter for your custom or specialty air cleaners.

Pegasus Unit behind a Roland Sands Air Cleaner

Pegasus Unit behind a Roland Sands Air Cleaner

Here you can see the top of the control unit, not a lot of wires and connectors ruining the look of your design.

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