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The Dyno-Drags Heading Your Way

The Dyno Drags Trailer

The Dyno Drags Trailer

We met up with the guys from the Dyno-Drags last weekend in Cincinnati at the VTwin expo.  Dan, PJ, and the team have purchased the truck from Easy Riders and are planning a lot of innovative features for the renovated truck.  There will be more interactive stuff going on to keep the audience interested between races and more info about the races themselves.

Originally built by our own Stew Prince and Mil Blair 10 years ago, the whole thing has gotten a face lift that anyone interested in fast bikes will enjoy.

The guys will also be traveling with a bike that will be running our  Pegasus Fuel Injection system so you’ll be able to see the kit on a fast bike  and what kind of torque you can get.  They will also be letting people race their own street bikes against it.

They’re heading out of Cincinnati and will be hitting a dealer or bike rally near you this summer.  Don’t miss it.

To get the schedule go to:

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